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Call to arms for all chaps, British craftsmanship defenders, anti-multinational companies and vintage people. Protest against Abercrombie & Fitch’s plans to open a store on Savile Row (right next to Gieves & Hawkes).


They already have a store on Burlington Gardens right on the corner of the Row and now they want to invade into sacred British tailoring territory. Everytime I walk to the Row the Gardens are infested with hipsters and twats, blocking the pavement and generally making it difficult for the public to walk through. They litter and gum the streets with effluvia. What’s wrong with Oxford St, Bond St, etc where their kind of stores are located? Why must they place another store smack bang on Savile Row? It would destroy what little peace and pleasantness that’s left on this road and defile the tradition of having a single trade all on the same road with a store dedicated to overpriced factory made mass produced vulgar rags. This is a deliberate attempt to destroy the bespoke trade.

War lines have already been drawn at the Burlington Arcade where the owners have asked for permission to change the much loved thoroughfare into a soulless Dubai-esque shopping mall and now a new front has been created just a stone’s throw away. The east end of Jermyn St has already been bulldosed and this is just adding more salt to the wound of the destruction of traditional British streets and shopping districts. It is an affront to our heritage and we must try our best to stop the decay (disguised as ‘progress’) of what makes our country great.

If you are free in London on the 23rd April from 9-11am, please come to the protest on Savile Row to defend this British institution from American multi-nationals content in erasing our traditions and architectural space.

Alternatively, you can sign the petition here:



Success (of some kind)! Westminster City Council have blocked their plans to broadcast loud music, pump out horrid smells and have half-naked people prancing around the place. This has put a spanner in the works at least and have caused A&F to rethink whether or not to open the shop at all as now they are not allowed to annoy the local populace and its neighbours with its anti-social antics. The fight still rages on. Until A&F does the right thing and leaves what is left of British tailoring tradition alone, we must resist at every step of the way. We are not stopping them from opening one of their shops; we just want them to open it somewhere else more appropriate that does not trample on our heritage. The argument that an A&F on the Row would increase footfall therefore would increase the trade is preposterous. None of the people who shop at A&F care about bespoke tailoring so whether there be more or fewer of them makes no difference other than annoyance and destruction.

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