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I have not been writing on this blog much as I have been preoccupied with other activities as of late for which I apologise.

One issue which I am dealing with now is the issue of broken images and links. Much of the images I linked directly from my Facebook and as you know they change their layouts and hyperlinks every hour it seems so the links always end up getting broken which is annoying. I have shifted almost everything onto Photobucket which is more reliable at least so images should not be broken any longer.

If you do find any broken images from now on, do give me a shout so I can fix them in due course.

I have also done some house cleaning and removed a number of blog posts which I think might be inappropriate and too personal for public consumption. As you know, social media can be a tool that can be used against you so best I be careful and only publish things which are within the remits of art and culture rather than politics.

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… requesting her to instigate a new Order of chivalry for posthumous accolade

This is a draft that I’m working on and may not be the final draft sent to her.

For those of you who don’t know, Mr Tony Hart has died but days ago with no accolade even though he deserves one. Recently, some people have petitioned No. 10 for such an accolade to be awarded to him. From what I gather, No. 10 responded that there was a limit to each year of how many accolades can be awarded. Now that Mr Hart has passed away, there is no way of him receiving such an accolade posthumously as it is forbidden, save that of the Victoria Cross or other military medals that Mr Hart is not qualified to. This is such a travesty of justice as I have seen many people get accolades for less than what Mr Hart had contributed to society (June Sarpong? WTF…)


The only other way is for a new Order to be founded which has a clause for posthumous awards and that can only be done by the Queen herself as the monarch is the only one with the power to do so. Plus, there are others who maybe deserving of such an accolade that have slipped out of sight and died without recognition. This is long overdue. Why can only military accolades be awarded posthumously when civil ones cannot?



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