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Last year, I was informed of something by someone on a certain forum that a forum (which will remain nameless as I do not want to give them publicity) had a certain thread that contained insults towards my fellow friends in the sartorial circle, including me (we being dubbed as ‘iGents’). I had a quick skim through the 100+ page thread and read some of the rather bitchy comments aimed at my friends but luckily did not chance upon those that were aimed at me. This is also the reason why I have avoided posting on Ask Andy or any other style fora except on the odd occasion because I am now aware that I am being watched and listened to and being bitched behind my back.

I (sensibly) decided not to continue reading and managed to forget about it; until now. One of my friends (who was on the receiving end of the forked tongue on the said thread) tonight PM’ed me on Farcebook with a link to a page that contained specific references to me (even though I wish he wouldn’t have). I have only gone through this one page only but I do not need to guess that there would be more and I do not want to be driven beyond rage by these insults, bitching, abuse, vomit, feral vile bile and indignation by going through more pages.

It is probably a mistake (and against my better judgement to stoop to their level) to actually blog about this in public (I know the ‘people’ on there would most likely catch wind and set a flame to it in a fart-flamethrower showcase extravaganza of trolling; they know this blog exists) but I feel I must expose the utter contempt and evil spit that can happen on the internet to anyone regardless of who or what they are. And it is also surprising that the admins and moderators of that very forum seem to turn a blind eye to all this (i.e. they are at best incompetent and at worse complicite). It is ironic and hypocritical that they (the people who write on that thread; I cannot comment on others in that forum) profess themselves to be a sartorial forum yet the very thing they hate seems to be the very people who are firm supporters and defenders of traditional and fine sartorialism in itself. The range of targets are often contradictory and confusing and gossipy (they lambast those who support formalism yet also lambast those who are anti-rules in equal measure). It says it all when this single thread is the one with the most pages and posts and is continualy being ‘bumped’ to the top topic.

Should I be surprised? No, since I have already heard about the same sort of people who would hijack a RIP page on Facebook and shit on a dead person’s memorial, even though they have never met or knew said person, said person has done not wrong to them and such disgusting comments to said person were not provoked, etc. What I have experienced is just a strand of fungus in the big rotting oak tree of human evil. It is called bullying. That is a hate thread. Pure and simple. It is one thing to criticise someone’s faults but another to plain right slag off someone for just being themselves. These people really need to get a grip and focus their spleen on more appropriate targets, such as serial rapists, paedos, murderers, etc, not ordinary law abiding folk trying to live their lives, expressing their freedom to live in a certain way, etc. It really is ungentlemenly, sordid and immature; like schoolgirls gossiping and bitching about other schoolgirls in a playground behind their backs because of the different way they dress that does not meet the approval of the masses.

Regarding the insulting comments against me and the way I dress: I won’t go and defend myself. Doing so would mean that the way I live my life is wrong and needs defending. Alan Turing was told he lived his life wrong by being gay and look what happened to him. As Quentin Crisp (in The Naked Civil Servant) once said: “You cannot touch me. I am one of the stately homos of England.”

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