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Ode to the Fields.

The rushes and the vines,

The trees and the pines,

The river and the stream,

The light ray sun beam.

How could they all have went away?

I ask myself everyday.

If you fail, we all do,

Those words wrung so true.

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The Earl of the Golden Sands

Strange thing, love. You never know it until it hits you, twice.

I’ve fallen in love with he that I will not name a year or so ago.

I could not stop thinking about him and how much I wanted him.

Of course, our meetings were rare and fleeting.

There wasn’t much between us, we didn’t click unlike the first time we met.

But then he was no longer available, and so I let it go.

But meeting him again, I fell desperately in love with him again.

More stronger than I first experienced.

I wanted him: body and soul. Very badly.

I became jealous of all those around who took advantage of him.

Those that he gave love to but not for me.

I threw caution to the wind and decided that it is now or never.

I made my declaration of love.

But I understood that it will never mean anything more.

Nothing more will happen, nothing more will be expected.

We both know that. We both understand that.

And so I reside, and sigh.

It is now off my chest and now he knows.

He’d probably have forgotten by now, like all who forget me.

Though I will never forget his beauty and charm that has chained my heart to his.

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the bliss of the English pastures green,

the howling rain and the flowing streams,

the shivering snow and the calm sun beams,

the whispering forests and the rustling leaves,

the stoney walls and the silent eaves.

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Blue Rose

From the first time I set my eyes upon you,
I knew that we could never be together.
Your beauty surpassed my imagination,
The rivers, seas, forest trees, the weather.

I cannot help but be entranced by you,
The frangrance, touch, sounds and hues.
Taken aback, silenced and bewitched,
As I gazed upon your eyes and sank in the sea of blue.

You are the one, my light, my dark and my shadow,
The grasses, the plains, the deer and the fallow.
Like a Blue Rose, unobtainable,
Not having you brings me utmost sorrow.

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Those legs of which scarlet encase,

Doest make my heart run quicker pace,

The sign of great true gentlemen,

‘Honi soit qui mal y pense.’


The ridges are of the mountains red,

The dents of valleys and ravines,

These trousers are of the countryside,

These cords, great men, be seen.


Red cotton velvet embraced,

the nap like silk upon our face,

Ribbed like grosgrain, corded like ottoman,

These are the trousers of gentlemen.


Dieu et mon pantalon rouge,

Around my legs; oh so rude,

Pleasure, lust and craving yearning,

Only for those brides discerning.


Good Sir, why wear red corduroys?

My friend, why wear red cords?

“Because they are the best” I say,

There’s no need to be a bore.

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Aria for male soprano/countertenor, theorbo and dulcimer:   
Cold is my soul, warm is my heart,
As I behold upon this sight,
of beauty and enchantment,
entranced by this Blue Rose. 
My Lord, why doest thou punish!
For fair as this, I see,
Touch and caress, I cannot.
Tormentment and torment. 
I will know that I can never have
sweet satisfaction
Posess I cannot yet possessed I am
Thus my heart pines and opine. 
This cruel curse, I have been giveth
This aching love, I have been taketh
Now I wander to my loneliness
And watch this Blue Rose fade.

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I found this stuck in a book. It is about that shitty trip I had when I got stranded in Oxford in 2006.


So at London Paddington
I sit and wait for the train
For over an hour more
The time drives me insane.
At eight forty-three I miss
And hope for eight fourty-five
Delayed then cancelled it did
Stands at the edge of a knife.

An hour passes the tracks
The driver shows no shadow
To Reading, we’re diverted
When will I return now?

The train creeps oh so slowly,
Like a small snail in the snow
The time ticks on forever
And so lateness takes its toll.

Arrive, no trains to Oxford,
Stranded and confused we were
To Didcot Parkway for bus
At mid-night we go on train.

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